How to Pick the Best Straight Wins in Football Betting


Firstly, experience in football means the player’s ability to relive and make the right decisions in his presence because he has come across something similar in the past/training. It’s normal for some teams to be more experienced than others because of the kind of training, or persons they have in their teams. When betting on a straight win, one has to analyse the kind of players the stronger/most favoured team has. If these players have participated in more important matches, won most awards or have more skills than the opposing team, and are also playing at home, this means the home team has a better chance of winning the match.

Worst Case Scenario

When betting on straight wins, one must first outline all worst case scenario. The most common ones are: Injured players, red cards, yellow card, fans’ interruption, coach dismissals. When one has fully analysed and deeply thought about all the worst case scenarios that can happen in a match, such person would be able to decide whether a straight win still attainable even after a worst case scenario has occurred.

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Strong Organised Teams

Apart from the edge that the home fans give these teams, these teams are already strong, well organised and are mostly victorious even when they play away from home. Now, it’s already an edge because their players are very experienced and possess the necessary skills to win both away and at home.

Morale Support

Most people ignore the sentiment of home and away matches. There is a special motivation when players play in their home stadium, now the players are familiar with the crowd and the percentage of people supporting them in that stadium are more than the people opposing them.The players feel relaxed, comfortable and free because they know they always have the fans cheering them up more than the fan booing them. Now this is already enough to help them win the match. That aside because this theory is mostly applicable to strong teams that are going to play in the home position.

Fear of the Weaker Team:

When there is pressure on a team in a football match, it mostly leads to losing. Most away-teams are naturally under pressure because of a higher percentage of the crowd in the stadium are against them. It is worse if the away-team is a weaker team because there would be in no position to handle such pressure and thus fear would likely lead to their loss.

Sentiment of the Viewers:

Most times when stronger teams play weaker teams, the viewers are already predicting the stronger team would either win or draw. But in a scenario where the stronger team is playing at home, the viewers are already predicting with great expectations that the stronger team will come out victorious. The sentiment of the viewer also affects the players because just as the multitude believes a particular team would come out victorious, so would the players assume and play a better game.

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